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Cutting edge news for today’s advancements on quantum computing.

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Webinar on quantum computing for the association of technology parks of Spain

Our CEO offers the vision of Quantum Mads on the current panorama of quantum computing in an event sponsored by PTE Disruptive and the Ministry…

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Entrepreneurship in the Basque Country: mapping success stories and opportunities

The Basque Country is one of Spain’s success stories thanks to its commitment to innovation, startups…

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Javier Gonzalez Gananzia | Quantum Mads

Javier González speaks for Gananzia

Javier González Conde (Madrid, 1995) is a mathematician and physicist with a doctorate in quantum physics,…

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Amatech Group and Quantum Mads will apply AI and quantum computing to the industrial sector

Amatech Group has signed a collaboration agreement with the start-up Quantum Mads, to expand the scope…

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What is the future of quantum computing?

Giancarlo Gatti is a doctoral student at the University of the Basque Country, Spain where he…

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Conference about pricing financial derivatives with an IBM quantum computer

Pricing interest-rate financial derivatives is a major problem in finance, in which it is crucial to…

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Quantum Mads speaks at Spri about its SaaS platform

SPRI interviews Quantum Mads to talk about its SaaS platform, which offers its clients the capabilities…

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Fujitsu and Basque startup Quantum Mads join forces to develop sophisticated quantum solutions for the financial industry

Fujitsu and Quantum Mads will form a mixed team to promote the development of disruptive and…

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Spanish Startup Turning to Quantum Technology to Develop Unique Solutions for the Finance Industry

The startup was established to delve into the theoretical and practical dynamics of financial systems, find…

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