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Fujitsu and Quantum Mads will form a mixed team to promote the development of disruptive and innovative specific algorithms that will be provided as a cloud service Fujitsu and the Basque quantum computing start-up, Quantum Mads, have reached a collaboration agreement to develop sophisticated quantum solutions for the financial industry, private investors and the insurance sector. Specifically, they will work under Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired Digital Annealer platform to solve optimization problems, developing innovative algorithms that will be made available to companies as a cloud service and will have the collaboration of the community of experts from the Japanese multinational.

Fujitsu’s Digital Annealer is the world’s first quantum-inspired technology. An architecture that opens new logical doors to solve complex business problems, finding solutions quickly and efficiently. For its part, Quantum Mads is dedicated to the optimization of processes and the creation of financial software under quantum computing. Both will tackle combinatorial optimization projects and opportunities creating cutting-edge solutions to add value and designing new paradigms around quantum finance.
For Carlos Cordero, CTO of Fujitsu “it is wonderful to be able to work on disruptive projects for the financial and insurance market with a company like Quantum Mads, which has two exceptional values; a sophisticated technical knowledge in the development of quantum solutions for banking and a modern vision of current needs. Specifically, we will develop unique algorithms using our quantum-inspired Digital Annealer technology, with which we hope to revolutionize a market, providing solutions in the field of product customization, scenario simulation, among others, and instead of requiring weeks of work We can solve it in seconds. Without forgetting the cryptocurrency market, which is growing unstoppably and where investors have the need to balance information to choose the best in the market ”.

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