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The startup was established to delve into the theoretical and practical dynamics of financial systems, find workable solutions that go against the current status quo of modelling techniques while — at the same time — serve their clients to the best of their abilities.

Quantum Mads has four core products to offer its customers. These are the

Q-MADS, a framework with a core Market Artificial Data Series (MADS), which will — according to the startup’s website — ‘allow traders to analyze their strategies and improve them with deep and complete analysis about their robustness.’

Then there’s Q-RETAIL, ‘a framework built on top of quantum software for retail banks.’

Next, is the hybrid quantum-classical algorithm called Q-ALLOCATE, designed to generate portfolio allocation weights.

Finally, we have the magically-named Q-CRYPTO, a ‘quantum algorithm to a “Single Source Shortest Path Search” problems for weighted directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)’.

All quite ambitious for a startup that only came into being post-Covid-19, but let’s not hold that against them.

So, who’s responsible for all this and what is the team’s background?

Quantum Mads’ CEO is Eriz Zárate. With a BA in pharmacy from the Universidad del País Vasco, Zárate’s educational credentials at first glance don’t align to what he’s currently doing at Quantum Mads, but education is only half the story: with half a decade’s experience as a founder and managing partner in tech startups in Spain, Zárate gets browny points for effort alone.

On Zárate’s entrepreneurial journey is his COO, Alain Mateo Armas, an expert in marketing and business management.

The two young men also founded the eponymous Zárate-Mateo Algorithmic Systems in 2018, a startup that develops quantum systems for finance using AI.

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