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ProxyGeneration: The quantum power at the service of finance

Greater traceability and data-based information on financial activity processes


The Situation

The Proxy Reconstruction Service represents a groundbreaking capability, enabling the creation of traceable and explainable synthetic data that possesses exceptional statistical fidelity. This synthetic dataset harnesses the power of our cutting-edge portfolio optimization algorithms, bolstering their robustness while simultaneously facilitating the seamless integration of new assets into the portfolio, aligned with the stringent criteria stipulated by financial regulations. This innovative tool heralds a transformative paradigm shift in the analysis of financial markets, promising to revolutionize the industry.

Proxy generation benefits

Monitor your performance

Our solution offers a generation of traceable and explainable synthetic data with an intuitive dashboard.

Ready to go to market

Our methodology is quantum-inspired, and therefore algorithms that can be run on HPC current devices.

Extensive historical data

Our tool makes available to manage much larger datasets, which considerably enhances the performance of the models by improving decision capacity.

Our partners

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